Minneapolis Star Tribune
March 27, 1998

Crowd noise

Vickie Gilmer

If in your dial-spinning frenzy for alternative radio you've stumbled across former REVites Kevin Cole and Shawn Stewart on the AM band, rest assured you're not just hearing things. The recently launched Beat Radio (1280 AM) has revived Cole's underground dance show "Depth Probe" and Stewart's blissed-out "Moonlight Meditations."

"It's great for the folks in the Twin Cities who didn't get to say goodbye," says Stewart of her show's abrupt end when REV 105 was sold last year to ABC/Cap Cities. She produces the show from Philadelphia, where she works as music director for public radio station WXPN. Cole, who is leaving as program director at WOXY in Cincinnati for a job in Seattle with Amazon.com's yet-to-be-launched music Web site, works in tandem with local spinner DJ JT, who produces the show. "JT is phenomenal," says Cole. "He wants to discover as much as he can and then he wants to turn the world on to it. He's a warrior." "Depth Probe" airs Saturday evenings from midnight-1 a.m. and "Moonlight Meditations" Sundays from 10 to 11 p.m.

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