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September 19, 2001



Fri Sep 21
First Avenue VIP Lounge
701 1st Ave N, Minneapolis, MN
(612) 338-8388

A fistful of years ago, Beat Radio 97.7 came on the (low power) airwaves to provide Minneapolis househeads with a fix of 4/4 flavor--that is, until the FCC marched in 103 days later and silenced the station by seizing equipment essential to its operation. Before it was to be converted into a Catholic talk-radio format, the Beat Radio crew (including Alan Freed, P.D. Spinlove, and Big Daddy Greg Comstock) decided to go out with a bang by throwing a goodbye dance party they dubbed "Beat Off" at First Avenue. The night was so successful it was asked back, and its legend now beats on every Friday (and has for three sweaty years) in the Ave.'s VIP Lounge. Veteran friends of Beatopia--DJs David Drone, Bryan Gerrard, Dean Vaccaro, Alex Jarvis, and Monte Hilleman--will remind us why their skills have made them regulars at the popular club night, and headlining DJ Jerry Bonham--who has released mixes on Bedrock, Spundae, and Renaissance--makes a return to Minneapolis where he spent a chunk of the Eighties DJing at the Saloon. $3-$10. 9:00 p.m. (Boyles)

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