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May 5, 1999


First Avenue
701 First Avenue N.
(612) 338-8388

Well, they've still got that strangely undanceable dance music. The DJs here aurally tease clubgoers with occasionally interesting but rarely groovy mixes of everything and anything: techno, rock, and big beat, and occasionally dub, lounge, and God knows what else. We could point out that First Ave. does offer the best video show in town--a giddy montage of Bruce Lee films, skateboard videos, and movies from your high school physics class--and that on Friday, Beat Radio books First Ave.'s living-room-size VIP Lounge with some more-impressive talents. But in the end First Ave.'s win in this category comes down to a matter of expectations. Because if you aren't going to find a consistently transcendent club experience at a commercial venue in the Twin Cities--and trust us, you aren't--then you might as well settle for an unpretentious place where you can show up wearing what you slept in last night, get in free with one of First Ave.'s copious comp tickets, and get to work on those cheap drinks.

Readers' Choice: First Avenue

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