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P.D. Spinlove [2/1]

Bryan Gerrard [1/23]

Alan Freed [9/6]

Alex Jarvis [5/24]

David Drone [8/21]

"Kill tha DJ" [8/21]

Chris Mindflux [12/1]

Danny Shaffer [1/12]

Marcus McBride [1/27]

Jason Heinrichs [1/27]

archived Radio Depth Probe playlist

archived Graffitti's Revenge playlist

Radio Velvet/Club Velvet

archived Hed Noize playlist

Moonlight Meditations

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thumping beat

Playlist: Beat Radio KSMM/1530 AM
July 8, 2000

thumping beat

Playlist: Beat Radio KVSC/88.1 FM
December 11, 1999

thumping beat

last national playlist
October, 1998

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