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These were our special programming features on our national network, most of which originated on Beat Radio 97.7

Beat Radio...
Spewing forth into the ether groovy sounds:

Daily @ 7pm ET, 9:15pm, 11:15pm, 2:15am, 3:15am & 5:15am plus weekend Spin Control marathons starting at 9:50pm ET!

Exclusive, continuous mixed beats from House to Hip-Hop, Trance to Techno, sliced & diced, mixed and mashed by the ripest DJs from Minneapolis and beyond! See DJ Charts for the Beat Radio DJs' charts

Dean Vaccaro, of Tambuca and the former Rogue nightclub...Jezus Juice of Minneapolis Café, Fhima's, Mell's Beauty Bar and others...Ravin' Rob...Danny Shaffer of the Saloon...E-Tones at the '90's & Let It Be Records...Alex Jarvis...Monte Hilleman of Vino Recordings, Celebrity Records label, JetSet and others...DJ Lon...the Saloon's Walter McLean...First Avenue's P.D. Spinlove...David Drone of Celebrity Records label...DJ JT of Depth Probe, Sound in Motion/Plush, and Let It Be Records...Greg Comstock of First Avenue...Wade Ellars...DJ Spiral...DJ John (aka "Kill Tha DJ") of Stargate and the Bird...Alexander East of Planet East/Simple Soul/Aroma/Sub-Urban/Moody/Amenti/Viva!/Grand Prix/Riviera/Gourmet and more...Apollo...Greg Wolfe...Bryan Gerrard of Celebrity Records label, JetSet and more...Swedish Egil of Grooveradio.com, Los Angeles...Philadelphia's Terrell Clark...Bionic...DJ Angela...DJ Metro of SuperMixx Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio...New York City's Gant Johnson, Blake Lawrence...Karl Who?...First Avenue's CeeBee and others

Swank martini music & spy jazz with
King Kini. Sunday nights @ midnight ET/11 CT/10 MT/9 PT
  DJ Dean Vaccaro's 80s revival of the legendary former 4th Street club in Minneapolis. Remember the "Graffitti's Girl?" Sunday nights @ 10 ET/9CT/8MT

What else?! Real, authentic and 99% long versions of real disco you haven't heard in years! No YMCA here. Nope. Produced by Rick Henning. Sunday nights @ 12:30 ET/11:30CT/10:30MT

Your fairy-funk Godmother, Gertrude McFuzz, will make you trip and make you hop to the latest in Acid Jazz/Trip Hop/Drum 'n Bass/Break Beat. Sunday nights @ 1 ET/midnight CT/11 MT/10 PT


Kevin Cole and DJ JT again stretch the limits of the musical spectrum with dance music mixed to the point of insanity as they return to the airwaves. Beat Radio is proud to be the new home of Radio Depth Probe, a longtime fixture on Twin Cities radio and at the First Avenue nightclub. Saturday nights @ 1 ET/midnight CT/11 MT/10 PT


Shawn Stewart, former REV105 Music Director and air talent who is now at KMTT/Seattle, will again cap the weekend and set a calming tone for the week upcoming with her ethereal blend of music and poetry on Moonlight Meditations. Sunday nights @ 11 ET/10 CT/9 MT

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