January 26, 2000

The Twin Cities Radio Report

By Bob Berglund

Nyah, Nyah, Nyah: Even with the Federal Communications Commission's approval of low-power FM stations last week, the National Association of Broadcasters continues to fight the action and will probably take it to court, according to chairman Eddie Fritts. Fritts called the decision, "a sad day for radio listeners."

Minneapolitan Alan Freed, however, (no, not that Alan Freed) of Beat Radio fame is thrilled. He has been a pioneer in the effort to legalize LPFM since the FCC tore down his own operation in 1996.

Freed, no fan of Fritts, told me, "Eddie and his mightier-than-thou friends and staff need to realize they've lost this one. Their bullying, lying tactics have failed and backfired."

Sparing no venom, Freed further fumed, "Drop it, Eddie. You're an old, broken record. Get ready to hear how to bring community home."

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