Beat Radio and the NAB

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is the trade and lobbying organization representing most of America's commercial radio & TV stations. The NAB, along with National Public Radio (NPR), is the leading opponent of Low-Power FM Radio (LPFM), which is being rolled out now by the FCC. The NAB and NPR, having been long ago stymied in their collective, well-funded inner-beltway efforts to prevent the community-based LPFM, have resorted to the desperate strategies of lies, deception, distortion and $trong-armed influen˘e on Capitol Hill to push through legislation that would either kill LPFM completely or severely restrict it. Ex-Minnesota Senator Rod Grams (R), who introduced anti-LPFM legislation in the Senate in 2000, turned out to be a prime defender of the status quo ($7,000 in NAB PAC money in 2000) and an embarrassing traitor to the citizens he purported to represent. He was defeated in his 2000 re-election bid. Most Minnesotans won't miss him.

Meanwhile, ever since LPFM Beat Radio 97.7 became involved in U.S. District Court due to the FCC's efforts to silence the station in 1996 - which ultimately happened on November 1, 1996 - the NAB has been following the case against Beat Radio and has even filed papers in support of the government. But the NAB has been doing more than that...the fat cats headquartered in Washington, DC (hey, we're being fair here; have you ever seen NAB President, Eddie Fritts? He *is* fat), have been visiting this web site, just like you! Despite their efforts to silence Beat Radio, we went on to be heard nationally in 1998 in ten top-25 markets and have secured subsequent airtime on other stations in Minneapolis and nearby areas.

Eddie, Dennis and the rest of you NAB liars: don't you get it? You can't keep a good Beat down! And you failed to kill LPFM. The documents here prove that stopping LPFM outright was your intention from the very beginning.

Beat Radio NABwatch Tracker
Big Broadcasting is Beat-watching. At least 20 documented visits to in '00 (5 in October alone)!:

January 20 '00nab image
March 4 '00nab image
March 9 '00nab image
May 2 '00nab image
May 4 '00nab image
May 9 '00nab image
May 16 '00nab image
June 6 '00nab image
June 8 '00nab image
June 22 '00nab image
June 23 '00nab image
July 13 '00nab image
July 14 '00nab image
August 31 '00nab image
September 29 '00nab image
October 3 '00nab image
October 4 '00nab image
October 13 '00nab image
October 18 '00nab image
October 25 '00nab image

January 26 '01
July 6 '01
July 16 '01
August 19 '01
October 15 '01
December 6 '01

The FCC & DOJ visit this site too!

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