FCC Silencing of Beat Radio 97.7
Friday, November 1, 1996

Join us now for rare photos of the FCC in action as they silence an unlicensed low-power radio station.
Dateline: downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota...Friday, November 1, 1996...4:40 pm...the station: Beat Radio 97.7.

photos: kmsp UPN9 and wcco4 CBS
(who were alerted to the story by Beat Radio, not the FCC or DOJ)

FCC stooges Frank & Al

These are your tax-derived government dollars at work closing down Beat Radio 97.7.

The stars of our special presentation are FCC Resident Agents Albert Jarratt, Jr. (r, "Laurel") and Frank Evans (l, "Hardy") snaring their prize catch: DANGEROUS CRIMINAL RADIO EQUIPMENT.

Frank & Al scoot

With the outlaw gear safely arrested and subdued, the brave FCC agents and two U.S. Marshals (not shown; that's a TV news crew in the background) prepare to exit the premises with their trophies in tow.

The thrill of the hunt has their adrenaline pumping.

"Wait 'til the fellas at the office hear about this on Monday!," the agents giddily ponder, anticipating the envy of their agent colleagues. "But wait...we don't have an office anymore!" they realize. "The St. Paul field office was closed two years ago (thanks to budget cuts) and we office out of a closet in Woodbury now."

Such is the exciting life of an FCC Resident Agent. Thank God for "pirate" stations...these harmless broadcasters get the guys out into the real world every once in a while. Those, and ham radio fests.

Frank & Al exit elevator lobbyThe Men In Black have nothing on the FCC!

Followed closely by TV news crews from WCCO-4 and KMSP-9, Frank leads the parade out of the Beat Radio Tower in downtown Minneapolis.

Note the proud look of accomplishment beaming from his expressive face.

Everyone wave to Albert in the back!

Yes, the FCC men have certainly earned their keep this day, protecting the public from THREATENING RADIO EMISSIONS! They may even receive a special commendation for risking their personal safety on such a dangerous mission. A "pirate" raid makes any FCC field agent's career complete.

Al & Frank with stolen gear

Now the tricky part: securing the prisoners in the Marshals' Jeep for the ride to the radio pokey!

We're able to report that the alleged criminal gear was placed in the vehicle without incident.
tight-lipped Frank on TV news

Here, FCC Agent Evans is questioned by Minnesota 9 News reporter Tom Lyden, but clams up. Agency policy to avoid accountability, of course. Meanwhile, in the background, Agent Jarratt attempts to evade the cameras by exploiting the distraction of Frank and the TV crews. Sorry, Al...say cheese! Frank didn't like the cameras either...moments later he abruptly turned and briskly walked away from the reporters...who never missed a beat and tailed him to the van, from which he and Albert had locked themselves out.

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