Issue 60/61, Fall 1997 (on street November)


By Mary Thury

Two Twin Cities entities, Americans For Radio Diversity and the embattled Beat Radio [see shortcake, Cake #54/55], were recent recipients of financial support from Michael Moore, nationally-renowned filmmaker, television producer and author. Known for his outspoken views on corporate America and the impact that our increasingly corporatized society has on workers and the public, Moore initially gained recognition for his self-financed documentary, "Roger And Me." That film detailed Moore's attempt to speak with General Motors President Roger Smith and ask him why he shut down GM's Flint, Michigan plant, an action that nearly destroyed that city. He went on to create and produce the deeply subversive and highly amusing "TV Nation" on NBC and later Fox. Last year he published a best-selling collection of essays and anecdotes called "Downsize This!" Moore's donation to the two groups came during a local preview/presentation of his new film "The Big One," held at Minneapolis' Oak Street Cinemas. The film follows Moore on the extensive book tour he undertook to promote "Downsize" and includes run-ins with Borders Books and their attempt to quash unionization efforts by their employees. At the screening, Moore pledged his proceeds from the sale of all books sold at the event to ARD and the Beat Radio Defense Fund.

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