Beat Radio

October 6, 1997

Renowned Filmmaker, TV Producer & Author Supports Local Efforts to Resist Corporate Media Takeover

Michael Moore Donates Book Sale Proceeds to Beat Radio & ARD

Michael Moore, nationally-renowned filmmaker, TV producer and author, has given his financial support to two Twin Cities entities committed to challenging the recent trend of media consolidation that has resulted in decreased competition and less consumer choice.

Moore is known for his outspoken views on corporate control and greed at the expense of workers and the public. He gained initial recognition for his self-financed documentary, "Roger And Me," which revealed in uncompromising honesty the devastating impact of General Motors' mid-1980s corporate downsizing on thousands of Michigan workers. He then created and produced the like-minded "TV Nation" on NBC-TV & Fox-TV and authored last year's book, "Downsize This!."

Moore committed the funds to the two groups - ARD and Beat Radio - during a meeting at the September 20, 1997 Minneapolis preview screening of his forthcoming film, "The Big One." After hearing of their efforts in the Twin Cities to combat corporate encroachment on local radio, he donated the total of his proceeds from the sale of all books sold at the event to ARD and the Beat Radio Defense Fund.

Beat Radio is the low-power FM dance music station currently off-the-air due to pressure from other radio stations on the FCC to silence it, which the FCC did on November 1, 1996. The station is in Federal Court fighting the FCC's action and the agency's prohibition on licensed low-power FM broadcasting.

Americans For Radio Diversity is a citizens group organized to educate the public on radio issues by disseminating information via the world wide web and a low-volume moderated email list to support the microbroadcasting movement and to reform or repeal portions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which has allowed immense consolidation of the radio industry to occur. For additional and updated information on ARD, visit the ARD website and call 612-874-6521.

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