Beat Radio presents one of the latest NAB anti-Low Power FM moves

A letter to its members prompting them to contact congressional representatives to oppose LPFM and citizen access to the airwaves

sent to NAB radio members December 22, 1999

Read the one of the most recent strategies of the National Association of Broadcasters - the lobbying & trade organization representing most of the nation's commercial broadcasters - to quash a new Low Power radio service in order to protect its monopoly on the public's airwaves and deny the public more varied programming than "10 in a row, less talk."

You can counter their attempts by contacting your congressional representative with your support of Low Power Radio. In fact, we strongly encourage it! (By the way, existing FM broadcasters are not, as the NAB claims, "unanimous in their opposition" to LPFM. We know of many FM stations who support LPFM, not to mention many individuals employed by these stations. Further, the only significant opposition to LPFM is within the NAB's own selfish ranks. The NAB is a bully and a liar, pure and simple.)

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